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Data Transformation - Embed Data in Every Business Decision

Create a data driven culture and playbook for the Korea Market. The resounding success in Korea prompted Global Leader to mandate every other market to build a data science team to replicate Korea success 

Data on a Touch Pad


The organization has run into a "commitment fatigue" with the multiple failures in their data science effort. For example, previous advanced data analytics projects such as marketing mix model do not really give much insights to support promotion budget allocation for marketers. Data driven decision making is an important strategic direction of the company but it's people are not seeing the value of data and think that those advanced analysis is not suitable in their industry.

How are we approaching it: Change management, create playbook

Interview marketers and sales person to get a sensing on what are their pain points and in their opinion, what kind of data or analysis can help them in their business. We work on small projects, tangibly showing the value of data analytics, beyond merely just a BI dashboard. We also implemented company wide programs to promote data literacy and hence, data democratisation

The POS sales data includes: 1) Items ordered by each individual, 2) Time sitting in and checking out, 3) Number of people per table

A simple visualisation (BI) tells us that 8 course is more popular during dinner time and weekend, where customers have more time to sit down and enjoy the companion of their family and friends. Certain items are popular for 5 course and 8 course while some are all time favourites


If you are interested to know more about this project, do not hesitate to reach out to me


The video below shows the impact and the change in mindset, especially in the middle management, marketers and field based employees, who are very resistant and skeptical to the value to data analytics

This last video show, on a high level, on how we are making those changes

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