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Digital Transformation - Building a Digital First Culture

Digital transformation allows an organisation to scale and differentiate it's products or services. However, many employees do not have a common understanding and definition of digital, making it difficult to scale and transform

Cozy Office


Digital has a variety of definitions and many organisation did not have a clear and well-defined definition of digital, before going or accelerating digital. This would be an issue as departments would be running in "different" directions. Many field based employees are also skeptical on the value of digital and are resisting change to adopt digital into their practice. With the clarity of digital and value proposition of digital, the organisation quickly adopted a digital first mentality in the organisation

How are we approaching it:

Conducted surveys and interviews to get an understanding of what digital means, at various levels from business head to marketers to sales representative. Work on small and tangible projects to show employees what digital is and how it is not an opposing force, but something that can empower the field based employees to be much more effective in driving outcomes


The video below shows the principles and directions we took to on digital transformation, and the impact we created in the organisation

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